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Hely Hub Utrecht

With the Hely app you can choose from various types of transport from different providers. You always pick up the e-bike, cargo bike or shared car at the fixed location: the Hely Hub. You easily open the vehicles with the app and you are ready to go! Try your Hely subscribtion one month for free.

all in one


With Hely you can travel with the various vehiclesof our partners. They can all be rented with just one app.



Pick a different vehicle for each trip. They're all available to you for whenever it suits you. Even your subscription can be terminated monthly.



With shared mobility you save a lot of CO2 emission, you improve parking possibilities in your neighourhood and you’ll choose easier for electric.



A car or e-bike of your own is very pricy. With Hely all these vehicles are available to you, without being stuck to high costs.


Pick your favourite vehicle.

With a Hely account you can get on the road fast and easy with a vehicle of your choice. This way you can travel extra flexible!

  1. Download the Hely app.

  2. Pick your favourite vehicle from the hub.

  3. Unlock the vehicle with the app and you're ready to go!

Hely App

They are waiting for you in Utrecht.




  • Electric pedel

  • 80km range

  • USB for phone

  • Pick&Go

cargo bike

Electric cargo bike

  • Urban Arrow

  • Electric pedel

  • 50km range

  • With kid seats

  • Pick&Go

nice car

City car

  • Citroën C1

  • Gas engine

  • 4 seats

  • Plenty luggage space

  • Pick&Go

Citroen Grand C4

Large car

  • Citroën C4 Grand Picasso

  • Gas engine

  • 8 seats

  • Extra luggage space

  • Reservation possible

The rates of your area.

first month free!


per month. Including fuel, excluding usage costs

Bike & E-Bike

Bicycle & e-bike

€ 1,50

per hour

max. € 7,50 per day

Cargo Bike

Electric cargo bike

€ 4,-

per hour

max. € 20,- per day

city car

City car

€ 7,50,-

per hour

max. € 37,50 per day


Large car

€ 10,50

per hour

max. € 52,50 per day

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"The electric car feels so luxurious."

I need a car five times a month. And when the wind blows very hard, I use the e-bike. That combination makes Hely ideal. I live next to the hub and the app is very easy to use. That together makes it perfect.

- Bryan, Happy customer


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