Hely makes sharing smarter, easier and more sustainable

Who is Hely?

Hely is a funded startup which wants to make shared mobility easier and more accessible. By offering various vehicles of multiple mobility suppliers in one app, the user experiences more flexibility. This way sharing becomes smarter, easier and more sustainable.

Why are we doing this?

For a better environment

Cities keep growing faster, which results in residents who have trouble finding a spot to park their car and lots of public space getting reserved for new parking lots. We think that we can use this space for much better and enjoyable purposes.

By making various shared transportation available to the neigbourhood, we can lower the parking pressure and save more public space. Moreover, by sharing your transportation you save lots of CO2 emission and fossil fuels. Did you know that for every shared car, there are up to 15 cars less on the road? This way, we can all make the neighbourhood and the environment a little bit better.

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Our partners


Together with our partners we enable sustainable and smart mobility in different cities. Do you want to collaborate with Hely? Send us an e-mail or contact us through one of the other contact options. We'd love to discuss the options with you.

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"I go to Hely every day with a smile on my face because this amazing team works together every day to make the world a little bit better. "

annemieke new


"I think it's so awesome to be a part of Hely from the start. Every day I experience how enthousiastic customers, cities, mobility suppliers and real estate companies are about sustainable mobility and how simple, quick and daring we present it."

Tarik Fawzi


"Ideas of today could be reality tomorrow. I think it's really cool to work with an ambitious team on such a fast growing brand. With our product we make customers happy and the world a little bit more sustainable."

simone new


"At Hely we try to solve very cool challenges and everybody has a lot of freedom, but also responsibility to strengthen his of herself in their role. This gives you the opportunity and space to improve yourself in your way of working. I really like the company culture; it's casual but still professional."

jelmer new


"Getting to built on a sustainable product is what I like most about working at Hely. Moreover, you have a direct influence on the end-product, which is becoming better and more beautiful every week. Here, we never sit still and every day is different. Luckily, besides work there is still plenty of time for team drinks or a quiz, either virtual or in real-life."

jusie de Casseres


"What I like a lot is the freedom you get in how things are being handled, and the input you can have in that as a developer. Issues aren't completely set in stone, which creates a certain level of freedom to decide yourself what exactly should be made."

lennard new


"The great thing about Hely is that everyone's on the same page: we all want to put the best, most fun and sustainable shared mobility product on the map. Teamwork makes the dream work! Besides that, it's incredibly cool to see your own ideas being put into a real product so quickly."

Laila Belfadla


"At Hely you work in an enthusiastic team with the comman goal to make traveling easier, to clean up the street view ánd the environment. Besides that, you get the freedom to really make a difference with the projects that you find most important. For me, that's a winning team."

kjell Knippenberg

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