With Hely you travel sustainable, profitable ánd flexible

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With Hely For Business all your employees get acces to our various vehicles for their business trips. This way, you can get to you meeting in town quicker with the e-bike. And if you're going further away, you can grab a car just as easily. You'll receive one clear invoice per month and your subscription can even be cancelled monthly. Try Hely For Business yourself and experience the difference!

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Your employees can choose freely from the vehicles in the Hely Hub. Your Hely subscription can even be terminated monthly.



At Hely you don't pay extra for: fuel, maintance, insurance ánd miles. On top of that, you can ride from just €1,50 per hour!

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You'll receive one clear invoice per month: no more hassling with receipts and expense claims. With the Hely app you unlock all the vehicles, easy!



With shared mobility you reduce the ecological footprint of your company ánd you can easily choose electric.

Using Hely For Business.

You sign your company up for a Hely Hub near your office. You can add as many employees to your Hely For Business account as you like.

All vehicles are available to you in the Hely Hub; you choose which vehicle you need, whenever you need it. With the Hely app you can easily book and unlock all the vehicles. No more hassle with key exchange or key-cards. We've taken care of everything: there's a fuel or charging card in the car and a parking spot is reserved on your return.

You'll receive one clear invoice every month for the whole account. Seperate expense claims or extra administration is no longer needed. This way you save time for actual business!


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Do you want to set up an appointment for more information, or do you want to sign up for Hely For Business? Send us an e-mail or call +31(0)85 00 12 126.

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