In the Hely Hubs you will find various types of shared mobility, which you can all easily use via one app. Through this way, you always stay flexible and you travel a lot more sustainably, even if you don't have your own car! Shared mobility offers a solution to many social problems, such as parking pressure and increasing traffic. Shared mobility sharing can also be a solution for your daily life; no maintenance, less costs and always a well-functioning vehicle in front of your door. Nevertheless, we often still hear misconceptions and objections about shared transport, we will explain a number of misconceptions below.


In The Netherlands we are eager to hold on to old habits, even when it’s not the best way to go. From grabbing an e-bike instead of the bus, or selling your car and use shared mobility instead; it’s not something that happens overnight. So that’s why we would like to introduce: frequently heard objections, in which we refute the most common ‘reasons’ to not give shared mobility a go. Spoiler: the conclusion is that you just need to try it yourself!

“Using a shared car for my rides is more expensive than using my own car”

This is certainly the number one objection, and at the same time the biggest misconception of them all. Think about how many costs you have every month on insurance, taxes and parking. Of course the costs for maintenance and fuel/charging will add up to this, on top of the purchase price! And be honest: how often is your car just standing there? With shared mobility you only pay when you drive, which can save you a lot of money. Still find it hard to believe? Let’s do some calculations:

Own car vs. shared car English

* Source: Nibud

** Based on intensive use of the car (5x a week), covering a total of approximately 500 km per week.

*** Only at Hely you do not pay any kilometer costs. This is the case with most other shared mobility providers.

If you choose to drive with shared mobility, you can quickly save € 50 per month! You save a lot more if you don't need a car for a while; for example when you go on holiday or now, when you mainly work at home. The fixed costs of your own car continue to run, but at Hely you don't pay anything if you don't drive.

“If I use shared mobility instead of my own car, I am not sure that it will be available when I need it"

With your own car you know that it is always in front of the door when you need it. Since shared cars can also be used by others, some people are afraid that they may miss out. At Hely we are well aware of this and have therefore implemented a number of things to prevent mistakes:

  1. At Hely you can reserve a vehicle in the app from two weeks in advance. So if you know on which day you have an important appointment or have to travel by car, you can secure it well in advance. This vehicle can then no longer be reserved or used by others and is simply ready for you when you need it.

  2. If you suddenly have to go somewhere unexpectedly, we always have "Show & Go" vehicles at the Hely Hub. These are shared cars or bicycles that you can take with you immediately without a reservation. In the Hely app you can always see which vehicles are currently available at the hub.

  3. With your Hely account you also get access to all other Hely Hubs in The Netherlands. You can therefore always reserve a vehicle at another Hely Hub in the area or in another city. We always have something ready for you!

  4. Of course we at Hely keep a close eye on how often the vehicles in our hubs are used, for how long and when. In this way we ensure that the correct number of vehicles are in your hub, so that you do not miss out.

“I have children and that’s why a car in front of the door is really a requirement”

Okay, this is a good one indeed. We can imagine that it is more convenient not to have to load and unload all child seats and stuff before every ride. But when the kids are a bit older, do you still need this? In addition, many families have a second car, for when one is out with the children and the other wants to do some shopping. However, this second car is usually only used for sporadic journeys and can easily be replaced by a shared car. This saves you a lot of extra costs, which you can spend on something much more fun, such as a weekend away with the whole family!


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