Is driving electric really that sustainable?

More and more people choose for an electric car. Some because they like how it rides or how it looks, but more often because people are looking for a sustainable alternative for the gas car. We often get the question if an electric car is really that much better for the environment. Since generating electricity also releases CO2, right? Today we'll explain exactly how this works and what the effect on the environment is of an electric car and of a regular car.

What is more environmental friendly?

An e-car or regular car?

The numbers

A regular gas car has an emission of approximately 170 gram CO2 per kilometer. That might not sound as much, but on a regular day trip of 32 kilometers that quickly adds up to 5.4 kg CO2 a day. If you only look at the emission during a trip, an electric car immitts 100% less CO2 than a regular car.

However, that doesn't mean that an electric car is completely carbon neutral. Since the battery of an electric car also needs to be charged. If you use renewable enery for this, coming from solar panels and windmills for example, driving an electric car is still pretty much carbon neutral.

But if we look at how we regularly generate energy in The Netherlands, that does emmitts CO2. With this energy an electric car emmitts between 76 and 110 grams of CO2 per driven kilometer. That might not sound very environmental friendly, but it's still 35 till 55% less CO2 emission than a regular car. Even with a hybride car, which uses less fuel than a regular car, the emission is 30 till 50% less.

So everybody should drive electric?

Driving electric is definitely a more sustainable alternative to a regular car. That's why in many of our Hely Hubs you can choose for an electric car besides our gas cars. But driving electric isn't (already) suitable for everyone. For example when driving long distances over 240km, or when there are no charging docks in your neighbourhood.

Luckily, electric cars get more and more advanced, affordable and more charging docks are being installed. So perhaps in the near future driving electric will be accessible for everyone. Moreover, driving sustainable isn't just about what you drive, but also how you drive. In this blog you'll find a couple tips on how you can drive fuel efficient, also with a gas car.

Do you also want to drive electric?

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