React Native Medior/Senior

WANTED: Front End Developer

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Front End Developer - React Native Medior/Senior

Do your hands itch when you hear... 

ReactNative and Typescript? Or are they really getting itchy when you go full-stack? JAVA, Docker, Kubermetes, Istio, GraphQL, gRPC? 

Are you ready for a steady job which you will not regret? 

Kan jij deze zin zonder Google-translate lezen?

Was your answer to all these questions ‘yes’? Then we are looking for you! 

This is waiting for you at Hely: 

Let's go!

If you also get excited about this, we cannot wait to meet you! Contact Annemieke to set up a meeting via: 085 - 00 12 126 or

Dear recruiters, we’d like to personally get in contact with our future developers. That’s why we experience acquisition in response to this vacancy as very unpleasant and therefore is not appreciated and will not be responded to.


About Hely

Hely is a funded start-up of NS and PON which wants to make shared mobility accessible to everyone. This way we can contribute to the environment and the quality of life in our cities. 

We place Hely Hubs with various kinds of shared mobility which the residents can easily use. We go a bit further than just shared cars: also e-bikes and electric cargo bikes are all accessible in one app. 

We grow fast and we’re opening hubs in more and more cities. We learn from our experiences, customers and continuously come up with smart solutions for improvement. That’s what makes Hely a dynamic company, in which sustainability lies at the core.

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