Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors and shared mobility supplier Hely join forces to equip multiple appartment complexes with smart mobility solutions. The first location was opened this fall and the next two are already planned.


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Bouwinvest and Hely start cooperation sustainable and smart mobility

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors and shared mobility supplier Hely join forces to equip multiple appartment complexes of smart mobility solutions.

The cooperation comes from the perspective of the future the two parties share to lower the climate impact, contribute to a better living environment and meet the needs off residents for sustainable alternatives for an own car. Bouwinvest and Hely focus their collaboration mainly on the large urban areas, where residents and cities cope with the consequences of urbanization. "Hely guides real estate agency's and project developers with their mobility challenges on relevant locations, where the parking pressure is often very high. On such locations, it is an ambition and a necessity, also for local authorities, to make the city more sustainable and decrease traffic", according to Tarik Fawzi, co-founder Hely.

First steps are in motion

By placing a mobility hub at an appartment complex, the residents are offered a sustainable alternative for a car of their own, without losing flexibility. In a mobility hub there are various (electric) shared cars, bikes and cargo bikes, which are available for all residents. As the first concrete result of their collaboration, the first Hely mobility hub - a station of various sorts of shared mobility - was opened in the appartment complex De Werf on the previous NSDM wharf in Amsterdam beginning September this year.

Focussed on the future

Both parties see much potential in their cooperation and look forward to a lengthy collaboration. Floris Hack, Asset Manager Residential Fund at Bouwinvest, commented on this: "We see direct added value in flexible mobility concepts like Hely for our residents, regarding service and affordability. Besides that, Bouwinvest works on lowering their environmental impact of their real estate portfolio in multiple ways. In that view, we believe that flexible mobility will contribute more and more to that, by using space and assets more efficiently. Since a couple years we're experimenting with seperate forms of shared mobility. Hely combines these forms into one platform. We expect that this adds to the user experience of our residents. This cooperation is therefore a logical step. On top of that, research shows that mainly in urban areas there is less desire for an own car, but they do wish to make use of (sustainable) alternatives."

Tarik Fawzi of Hely adds: "In a new market it is important to work together with innovative market parties with vision, courage and thoroughness. For that reason, Bouwinvest is a great partner for Hely who has its eye on the future. Hely is looking forward to work together with Bouwinvest the upcoming years, to equip a large number of new and existing locations with mobility solutions of which we'll continuously learn, expand our supply and improve based on our shared experiences. The coming period we and Bouwinvest will prep mobility hubs on e.g. the new estate location Rachmaninoff in Utrecht, and Summertime in Amsterdam. The results of the first months in De Werf give us reason to be very excited."

Questions and requests

Do you want to know more about the cooperation between Hely and Bouwinvest, or are you curious about what Hely can offer you for your mobility challenge? Get in touch! We're happy to help you.

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