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To decrease the risk of spreading the Corona virus, it’s important to follow the measurements of the RIVM, hence working from home as much as possible and to avoid social contacts. However, we sometimes still need to leave home: because you have a vital occupation, to do groceries or to go to the doctor. That’s why the Hely vehicles will still be available to you during this period, with extra hygiene measures. 

We want to support everyone with a vital occupation who cannot work from home, and help them get to their destination safely. If you have a vital occupation, you can sign up till July 1st for €25 driving credit.

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Everyone with a vital occupation: we support you!

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We are very grateful for all persons with a vital occupation who put effort into keeping our society going. We would like to support you and help you get to your destination in a good and safe way. If you have a vital occupation, you can sign up till July 1st through the button below for €25 driving credit which you can use at Hely. We trust that all applications will be filled in honestly and truthfully. 



At Hely we believe sharing gets you more. Not just by sharing our mobility, but sharing all means that are available to us. Do you know someone who could use some help, but isn’t able or comfortable leaving their home? Offer help where needed, but always ensure your own health and that of others, and always follow the measurements of the RIVM. For example, get groceries for someone who has poor mobility, or walk the dog of your neighbour who’d rather not go outside. Inspire others with how you support the people around you with the hashtag #hulpisonderweg. 

During an outbreak like COVID-19 sometimes the best way to help others, is by not coming near other people. One of the recommendations of the RIVM is to work from home as much as possible, keep a 1.5m distance from each other and to avoid public transport. That’s why all Hely vehicles will stay available for everyone who might need transportation.  We are taking extra measurements, like cancelling reservations without a surcharge in case you don’t feel comfortable anymore leaving your home, and placing disinfecting wipes in our cars. Read more about how Hely copes with the Corona virus in this article

You can also do a couple things yourself to ensure you and other drivers can get on the road with shared mobility in a safe way.

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Send us a message through mail or chat. You can also reach us on 085 - 00 12 126. The answers to our frequently asked questions can also be found in our FAQ.


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