not whát you drive but hów you drive.

We don't just save energy for a better environment, but often also for our own bank account. Think about things like using shared mobility more often, or driving electric. In which kind of vehicle you drive, but also how you drive it has more impact than you might think. We'll give you a couple tips for driving more sustainable, so you'll save fuel and your ride will be just a bit more green. But also so you can save money for other fun things!

drive more sustainable

6 tips

Tip 1: Tire pressure

The softer your tires are, the more energy your car uses to drive. So make sure you put air in your tires every two months. With the right tire pressure you don't only drive more sustainable, it's also a lot saver.

Tip 2: Drive less fast

Driving faster also means using more fuel. This is caused by the higher rpm and higher air resistance. An average car uses 5.4L fuel per 100 km at a speed of 90km/h. At 120km/h it increases to already 7.7L, and at 140km/h it uses a whopping 9.4L. So where possible, try not to drive faster than 100km/h. This way you save yourself a lot of money and the environment a lot of CO2 emission.

Tip 3: Switch gears more efficiently

Try switching gears as fast as possible when accelerating. At a higher rpm your car uses more fuel, which can be minimised by switching gears on time. When you're approaching a traffic light, don't brake by switching gears, but anticipate on time and let the car roll out.

Tip 4: Turn off the car

It might seem logical, but still not everybody turns off the car during short stops. this means the motor is still running and producing CO2, while you're not even moving. So the next time when you're waiting at the tracks or in a long line in front of the traffic lights: turn that key around.

Tip 5: Keep an eye on your speed

Not just how fast you drive, but also how consistant you drive has influence on your fuel usage. The less you have to brake and accelerate, the more sustainable you drive. That's why it's good to keep an eye on your speed and try to drive on a consistant pace as much as possible.

Tip 6: Use your car's tools

Some cars are equipped with a couple of useful tools which can help you drive more sustainable. We suggest you use them! A couple of examples are:

Bonus tip

Take a ride with a shared car, bike or cargo bike! Did you know that for every shared car there are up to 11 less normal cars on the road? This way you save lots of CO2 and you can still ride with your favourite vehicle. Sign up for Hely and choose your own vehicle!









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