Snow and ice?

Safely on the road with your Hely vehicle

Who would have thought The Netherlands would still see some snow! Temperatures have dropped below freezing point and the wind chill can be -20 degrees in some places. This can make it very slippery in some places.

Hely has listed a number of winter tips for you that come in handy at these icy temperatures, to make sure you'll arrive safely at your destination!


Safe on the road with your Hely vehicle


The battery generally causes the most problems in the winter, also with electric cars. Electric cars can drive less far with a full battery in winter than in summer. The capacity of the e-car battery can decrease up to 30% in cold temperatures. The more the temperatures drop, the less range remains. To prevent an empty battery, you can charge at fast chargers along the highway. On the website of Fastned you can find a fast charger near you. Type in charging points in Google maps or your e-cars navigation system to find regular charging points.

The cold temperatures can also affect the battery in petrol cars. The self-discharge of the battery is faster at cold temperatures. Starting an engine in freezing cold demands more from a battery and the low temperatures have a negative effect on the remaining capacity. We understand if you want to heat the car inside to have a comfortable journey, but keep in mind this also has an effect on the battery. Therefore, make sure to also make longer trips, so the dynamo can attach the battery more.


Still have summer tires on your car? Grab an e-car when it's freezing! All Hely cars have all-season tires. These are tires with which you can drive safely in the summer, spring, autumn and winter. All-season tires, as the name might explain, are a mix between winter and summer tires. They remain soft in winter temperatures and hard in summer temperatures. All-season tires therefore provide enough grip during these winter days!


Due to these winter temperatures, it is possible that the window of your Hely car is frozen, that's why there are ice scrapers in all cars! With these scrapers you make your Hely car ice-free and you can safely hit the road. Please never use boiling water to defrost the windows, since this can cause the glass to crack! The scraping may require a little more force, but will not damage the Hely car.


On the road with the e-bike? Make sure that you don't immediately put the e-bike on the highest pedal support setting! Ride carefully and not too fast. Lower your saddle so that you're able to reach the ground with your feet if this is necessary. Starting at a lower setting reduces the risk of slipping! And it might be best to not cycle too close to the curb, as there is often ice or frozen snow that can cause you to slip.









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