Why you should ride your bike

Sustainability, ecological footprint, circularity: we bet that you hear these terms at least once a week. More attention for men, animals and nature is important to keep our planet beautiful and livable for as long as possible. At Hely we believe that small changes in our everyday life can have the largest impact. For example, by leaving your car at home for a day and taking your bike instead. It's not only good for the environment, but also for you health and your wallet. We'll explain in the following five reasons why.

May 20th 2022

5 reasons to ride your bike instead of your car

1. Because you don't feel like planting trees

A car uses fossile fuels which results in CO2 emission into our atmosphere. Even a small, modern car emitts 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer. For a work-home distance of 10km that's already 440kg CO2 per year, for which 22 trees have to grow for a year. Did you not get green fingers, but you still want to save some CO2? You can reach the same effect by just riding your bike to work, easy!

2. Because cross fit isn't your thing

Besides all your daily activities, you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This doesn't just include healthy foods, but also a little exercise. You can choose for a yoga class, kick boxing or cross fit, but with a bike ride you also get a sufficient amount of movement. With a ride of 20km you'll easily burn up to 600 kcal. This way you get where you want to go ánd you can tick off your workout of the day: win-win!

3. Because you like going out

The average car-kilometer with a small middle-class car costs around 0,43 euro. A bike only costs around 0,08 euro per kilometer. If you live around 10km from work and you choose to bike to work instead of driving, you'll easily save around 308 euro per year. With that money you can take your whole family to an amusement park, have a couple luxury dinners, go on a weekend trip or do some other fun activities!

4. Because you have no time to lose

One of the reasons many people use their car is to save time. Although a car does drive faster than a bike, research shows that a bike ride takes up just as much time. This mainly comes from road maintance, traffic, refueling on the way, finding a parking spot and many other time-consumers With a bike you can luckily avoid these things and will save you lots of time. Besides that, people who ride their bikes more often are less ill and therefore will miss less workdays. So if you really can't use a flue right now, jump on that bike!

5. Because your mood can use a boost

Fresh air, movement, no angry drivers; just a few examples of how biking more often can improve your mood. A large British study even showed that commuters who bike to work are up to 14% happier than their colleagues who take public transport or their cars. Besides that, they were less stressed and their concentration increased. If that's not news that makes you have!

Still not convinced?

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