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Doing as much as possible in less time. The are various ways to increase your productivity. The vehicle you choose for your ride to school, work or in between has more influence on this than you might think. We give you a couple tips to increase your productivity, simply by picking the right transport.

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Becoming more productive with the right transport

The bike is often faster.

When you've got many things to do, getting stuck in traffic or dealing with delayed public transport is the last thing you need. A bike on the contrary won't go as fast as a car or bus, but because you avoid many time consuming obstacles you're often still faster. So pick an e-bike or regular bicycle during rush hours, in busy cities or for short distances. This way, you save much time which you can use for more important things!

Tip: with the e-bike you can easily ride up to 25 km/h without much effort.

Work during your trip

No, opening your laptop in the car or reading e-mails on the bike is not the solution. But for long distances it might be a good idea to take the train instead of the car. Besides saving much CO2 with public transport, you can also take this time to finish up some work. You can also choose to schedule your calls when you're in the car. But always call handsfree and make sure you still pay attention to the road.

Tip: our Hely cars are equipped with the newest technologies with which you can get on the road savely and hassle-free.

Fresh air has many advantages

Try to take the bicycle, e-bike or cargo bike whenever you can. First of all, fresh air and exercise increases your focus. Secondly, riding a bike prevents you from getting sick, so you'll not be forced to stay in bed. Thirdly, riding a bike decreases your stress levels, so you can get to work with more focus and fun. These are just a few of the many positive advantages of riding a bike, so choose wisely the next time when you commute to work, school or an appointment.

Some tunes for the road?

The positive effects of music during a task have been proven in many studies. But did you know that listeling to music on your journey also improves your productivity? When you listen to music which makes you happy, your body automatically relaxes and releases substances which help you concentrate better. 72% of working people even say that they need some music with their coffee in te morning to get them started.

Which vehicle will you choose?

Now that you know in which ways you can become more productive whilst commuting, which vehicle will you pick for your next ride? The fast e-bike, the electric cargo bike in the fresh air, or the car with the amazing sound systems. Sign up for Hely and start your ride with a vehicle of choice!

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