Improving the environment with shared mobility

Shared mobility, a form of transport with which multiple people use the same vehicle, is becoming more and more popular in The Netherlands. Not surprising, since shared mobility offers a solution to many societal problems. One of which is the pressure on our environment. We summed up a couple facts on how shared mobility contributes to a better environment.

August 2019

The facts on sustainable shared mobility

Less cars on the road

For each shared car there are up to 11 less normal cars on the road. Namely because lots of people choose to not purchase a car of their own, but use a shared car instead. Some people even sell their own car!

Less stagnant cars

Many people use their car only occasionally, so the rest of the time it's just standing still. Did you know that on average the cars in The Netherlands are stagnant for 95% of the time? And yes, even while parked a car affects the environment. The parking spot needs to be made, this space can't be used for trees or plants anymore ánd the car still needs to be produced, even when it's barely used.

Less vehicle production

The more people use shared mobility, the less vehicles need to be produced. This doesn't only save CO2 emission which is released during production, but also the fossile fuels that are neccessairy to built the vehicle.

Car sharers drive less kilometers

A 'car sharer' drives 20% less kilometers on average than a non-car sharer. Because if a car is parked just outside your door, you're easier tempted to take the car. Even when you easily could've taken the bike for that ride. Compare it to your favourite cookie: if it's laying in front of you, it's much more likely that you'll eat it. Even when you're not really craving a cookie.

Shared mobility users take different transport more often

People who use shared mobility often choose for other vehicles than the car. For example, Hely users choose more often for an electric cargo bike when doing groceries, or grab an e-bike when a car isn't necessairy but it's too far for a normal bike.

Driving electric is more accessible

Getting your own e-car is very expensive and therefore not an option for everyone. However, many people would like to drive electric if they could. Many suppliers of shared mobility now also offer electric cars, which makes driving electric a lot more accessible. Multiple Hely Hubs are equipped with e-cars which can be rented by all Hely users in that area. Check the which vehicles are available in your neighbourhood on

See it, then believe it

That shared mobility is good for the environment we now know. But did you also know that it's really fun ánd easy? Sign up at Hely and try it out yourself!









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